Everything that’s happened to us. All the stuff we’ve done. Are we gonna tell them the truth?

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S o m e t h i n g     H u m a n

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Sceneframing The Walking Dead
Atlanta, GA, USA | May 2014

  1. "Days Gone By" | Rick rides into Atlanta, 1x01
  2. "Vatos" | Glenn and Daryl hide in the alley, 1x04
  3. "Vatos" | Getting Glenn back, 1x04
  4. "Arrow on the Doorpost" | Andrea and Hershell wait for Rick at the meet-up with the Governor, 3x13
  5. "Claimed" | Michonne, Carl and Rick find a Terminus sign, 4x11
  6. "Days Gone By" | Rick rides into Atlanta, 1x01

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the walking dead meme || nine characters [3/9]
     ↳ Michonne

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- You won an award for Biggest Ass Kicker..

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The Walking Dead + Notable Walkers (02/??)
 Summer (Addy Miller), Annette Greene (Amber Chaney), Tank Soldier Walker (Samuel Witwer) and C-Section Walker (Clair Danielle Canterbury).

the walking dead + red vs. blue

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: ‘Walking Dead' Releases Hilarious Apocalypse Resolution Cards

The hilarious “Apocalypse Resolution” cards play off each of the characters’ storylines and personalities.

For example, Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) resolution is “Get new clothes.” Meanwhile, The Governor’s (David Morrissey) card reads, “Get a new vehicle.” And Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) resolution is simply, “Run more.”



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the walking dead favorite character meme
{2/3} episodes
4x08 too far gone


Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times.